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CoP 2-3 {Do you need it?}
Submitted by sam on Tue, 09/05/2006 - 20:36.

Well, our last CoP 2-3 run was a failure (primarily because so many people who voted for it to be that weekend didn't show up). But I'm posting another thread for people to discuss doing it again.

Sadly, I think I will probably sit this one out. You guys are kind of on your own. I'm just really sick of people wanting these things, begging me to host them, and then not showing up or showing up ill-prepared.

Last time we had 9 people who committed to coming and who needed the run, but only 2 of those people actually showed up (with one other person who didn't know of it, and yet who needed it, showing up).

Plus, we had many people who showed up who hadn't actually read the guide. This means we were not prepared for the battle and lost it in a pretty big way.

I personally wasted around 3 hours with preparation and the event itself only to have it fail. And I don't even need the mission!

I'm sorry if this sounds angry, but I am actually pretty upset. I'm sick and tired of people begging me to lead up some event or do some mission or something and then find out they've wasted my time by either not showing or not preparing.

So discuss here if you need 2-3. Someone else will probably have to step forward to lead it up.

gah internet

Last week there was a storm the thursday before the run and messed up the satalite, I have satalite internet. They didnt come out to fix it till friday, now I should be fine. For times 5Central weeknights anytime weekends.


I still need 2-3, the best times for me is 6 pm est.. and day of the week, but im up for another run, just lemme know when it is!

Well i am always available

Well i am always available at a reasonable Uk time, So just post a time and i will try to be there.

That blows...

Well srry it was a bust for you guys, if you are one of the few still needing this run/fight, let me know via this thread. You may come with us (Golagres, Untouchables LS, and myself) when we get some of our members through the promies. please note we will have a ball park date and time for the run. So if you miss out it is highly likely you will need to set up your own run.

Gol and myself have now made 5+ sucessful runs in the aquaducts.
Method we use:

gol runs out ahead, using his rdm to scout, while we gather and zone in.
I instruct, then he gets us drawn in.

If you are planning to make a run with us we ask that you please bring appropriate gear (lvl 40 cap area) and either purchase the necessary 2 stacks Holy water, or bring 2 stacks of light crystals, gol and myself will offer our crafting services free of charge, we will not provide ingrediants (DS water can be purchased in tavz). Also we ask that all non mage jobs brink at least one stack silent oil. I will post again when we are nearer a time.


sorry about last time

i kinda fell really wanna get this done so heres my schedule i can on wed.sept 13 tues sept 18 or the 19 20 21 22 23 24

Getting your act Straight...

I was with maior on this mission and as we waited hours for ppl to log on. Please let people know whether or not u are going to come... Time is important you and us who are playing... If a time is not good for u then logging on to the website is ez enough to let us all know what is going on. To delay the mission can be done if we know the people needing it need time...

I have done a few Carb Mitts run and know wht is like whn people are /tell-ing u and u have to deal with LS chat and /tell's of ppl pushing u to get going... Its is to fellow whn u have others doing the leading... I have people show up to get the offering at the time of event whn we were doing Offering runs all week... But the pop time is every 2hrs... so wht should we do press on or wait around why ppl get the offering...

Please help out whn u can by letting ppl know... Doing 2-3 1 person at a time is really boring...

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