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Divine Might- Part Deux
Submitted by Davros on Wed, 06/20/2007 - 19:45.

I am going to schedule this for Sunday July 15 at 1 pm est. I'll update the strategy in this space later this week.


Since I havent had much response to this, and since things are currently hectic for me irl. I am going to have to cancel this event and put it on the backburner for now. I'm sorry if I've caused anyone to plan around this.

Please specify times too if

Please specify times too if you can.

either day

Either day works just depends on what time you want to go.
I usually only play during the evening from 8 est to whenever. But for this I could make a special arrangement as long as it does not last all day. maybe like 2hr max time.

July 7th maybe

July 7th I may or may not be in town I'll find out this friday and let you know.


The 7th is ok but if the 8th I cannot at all. The 14th probably works best though.

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