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2006-09-02 : CoP 2-3 "Phomiuna Aqueducts"
Submitted by sam on Fri, 08/25/2006 - 13:09.
  • What: CoP 2-3 Mission
  • When: Saturday, Sept. 2nd 2006 @ 7pm EDT (6pm CDT, 5pm MDT, 4pm PDT)
  • Where: Gather Together in Tavnazian Safehold around 6:45pm EDT (15 minutes early)
  • Rewards: Completion of the mission (We will not be subligar farming or NM hunting)
  • Items Needed:
    • Sneak Oil
    • Holy Water
    • 40-cap gear
    • Warp ability/item

We had enough of a response to my post for comments about CoP 2-3 interest that I'm going to lead up a CoP 2-3 run as an event. For the event to go, we will have to have at least 8 people to be at the Safehold and ready to go (e.g., have their gear/food/meds) by 7:30pm EDT or we will cancel it.

In order to participate in this event, you must be on or past CoP 2-3, and have access to the Phomiuna Aqueducts. Read on for the details.

Required Reading

Before the event, all participants should read "Dive into the Phomiuna Aqueducts". This guide (from our Guides Section) details everything you need to know about the Phomiuna Aqueducts and the CoP 2-3 mission.

Specifcally, we will be going into the Aqueducts for the CoP 2-3 Mission stuff. This means you will need to know about the aggro mobs found there as well as have a very low Fomor Hate.

On Subligar/NM Farming

One of the critical aspects of the CoP 2-3 mission is low fomor hate. Thus, we wont be farming for subligars before hand. Additionally, the mission leaves deep inside the Aqueducts after its completion, so farming subligars and hunting NMs is prohibitively difficult afterward.

We need a THF!

One thing we will need is a THF. I still have an emergency key we can use if no THF is available for the mission, but ideally, a THF with THF's tools and high INT gear is preferred to get us into the Library.

COP 2-3...

I would like to come... my whm is available. I could lvl my blm if youd like to have that instead.
What day would this be? Time should not be a problem for me right now, just let me know...

Did you actually read the post?

What day would this be? Time should not be a problem for me right now, just let me know...

Gee, maybe you should READ THE POST YOU'RE REPLYING TO.

When: Saturday, Sept. 2nd 2006 @ 7pm EDT (6pm CDT, 5pm MDT, 4pm PDT)

It was this last saturday. It already happened.

Vis Maior's Journeys

yes i read it

The time was 730 on the 2nd. im pretty sure sept second has past. thats why i ask when the rescheduled run would be...


Good luck to all going on this run, not that you need it sam is more than a godsend :P

Go? No Go?

Is this event a go? Is it a no-go?

I know Monday, Sept 4th, is a U.S. holiday and oddly enough a lot of folks do not show up in FFXI on U.S. Holiday weekends. Traveling, vacationing, cook-outs on the 'last weekend of the summer'.

Last link

If you look at the previous discussion you see plenty of people said they were interested. I'm going on that. But, of course, I am only giving people 30 minutes to show up before I call it.

Unfortunately I don't have as much time as I used to. If people want my help, they need to be able to come when I can. Otherwise, they may need to just do it themselves.

Vis Maior's Journeys

Got me

I can come. MY only job at 40 is RDM. :\ ENfeeble and Backup heal is all yours!

im in

im in maior im on days so i should have no problem being there

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