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Things to do while we have server maintenance
Submitted by Golagres on Tue, 08/01/2006 - 19:02.

1. Play a game you haven't touched in a while.
2. Sit staring at the load screen waiting for maintenance to end.
3. Play another game you haven't touched in a while.
4. Do some chores around the house.
5. Get back to work.
6. Drool over the items you want to get some time.
7. Go to and wonder why clan am only has 15 members.
8. Make silly charts and data comparison on the people who did register for the beta.
9. Get up and go for a walk.
10. Wonder why some people hide so much information about their character like they are ashamed of it.
11. Count the dimples on a ceiling tile.
12. Make a post on Clan AM.
13. Look for something else to do when you run out of things to post.

More to come if maintenance doesn't end soon. I really should get back to work but there is nothing to do ><.

We don't use and I highly encourage everyone else to not use it. I also would ask that people not suggest that anyone in this LS use it.

We have forums and everything we need here, and here we are not subject to the PoL "Terms of Service". We are free to do and say what we want without fear of having our accounts banned or forums monitored.

Furthermore, if we start suggesting people use that site, then we will cause a facture in the users. Some will use that site, and some will use this one. This site is the official ClanAM site, not that one, and we can't have posts winding up in both places.

So, please do not encourage anyone to use the LSCOM site!

Vis Maior's Journeys

Lack of use

I understand your reasons for not wanting the forums being used. But why would u discourage the use of other tools this offers. I'm sorry but you could never gather the data they post because you don't have access to it. The only way, would be from user input which is filled with errors and lack of updates. Plus Milo has made clear comments about not using it for forum use. If someone was to use it anyway you and Milo have admin rights to remove the content. Milo has also told me he would gladly remove any forums started by users to discourage its use.

Sincerely golagres.

PS If u hate it so much why did u register for it?


PS If u hate it so much why did u register for it?

Because someone registered the Clan on this site without my knowledge or permission :-P

I never intended to even register, but when I was told someone already registered ClanAM on there, I realized I needed to to prevent fragmentation.

And I guess I should refine my request, please don't encourage to use the LSCOM site for anything that should be done on the official ClanAM site. We offer MANY forums here, blogs, image galleries, guides and a ton of other stuff.. so really, beyond these, there's nothing that the LSCOM site offers us that we really could use (and personally, I think that the ability to snoop on people's missions is going to be abused and not be very useful).

Ultimately, a lot of the decision to not use or recommend the use of LSCOM has arisen from conversations in IRC. In summation, here's the issues we see with it:

  • Restrictive ToS: By far the biggest concern in IRC has been that the Terms of Service (ToS) on LSCOM would be very restrictive. Swearing, or even content they disagree with, could get individual member accounts banned, or even the entire LS banned. A single user having a bad day and swearing up a storm in LSCOM shouldn't put the rest of the LS in jeopardy, but that's exactly what the LSCOM ToS allows.
  • Monitoring by GMs, etc.: Here, we only get GM and SE employees as observers. They really can't do anything to us here, or hold any of us accountable for anything we say. Here, we are free. There, everything that is logged in their systems is theirs. They can do what they want with it. We will only be as free as they allow us to be.
  • A question of longevity: The ClanAM site will remain online for as long as I can afford it. Considering I have sites that have been online for 7+ years, I'm pretty confident that unless something very bad happens the ClanAM site and all its content will be online for much longer than this game will be available. LSOM, however, is provided by a corporation... and all corporations are flakey. LSCOM could vanish tomorrow. Content could be purged, and things could change radically because of fickle financial winds inside of SE. (Don't think SE would do that to us? Well, they already did this very thing with Square Pictures.)
  • Fellow user abuse: You've probably already heard of this, but we've had some people in our clan who've been abused by fellow players based upon what was displayed in LSCOM without their knowledge (I won't go into it here, as it isn't my place, but the gist was someone who wasn't rank 5 and had bought their airhsip pass was harrassed and called a "gil buyer" through the exposure of their rank on the LSCOM site- this person didn't buy gil, but had been a successful NM camper).

There may have been more issues that I'm not remembering from IRC, but these are the ones that stick out in my mind.

Bear in mind, this was a decision based upon the discussion in IRC, this wasn't something that I just did willy-nilly. The IRC discussions are really what drive the site policies here at ClanAM, and all are invited to join in them. If you want to join us, feel free.

Vis Maior's Journeys

i know this is gonna be long debated...

I totaly understand where your coming from Sam, we don't want to be bound any more ToS's than we need to. Also the flaming by a pissed off member is a ligitamate cause for concern, however i think SE and its affiliates wouldn't dissolve a community in game based on comments by one player out of game, i'll look over the ToS policy to document for certain. I think just like in game they'd have to launch a formal investigation into the matter first. The reason i registered the community in the firstplace was a little way to let SE know that this was a good idea (maybe the first in a while :-\ ) If the service wasn't used, they'd simple abandon it for future game releases. This service is also more benifical for smaller ls's who have peak time players and off time players, whom also don't have acess to the resources that you have made available to this LS. By far this is one of the better structured LS i've been in, and your dedication to this site and the needs of the players in it shows. We must also never forget that a great deal of players aren't that computer literate, turing on a computer, opening a browser, and using a forum are about all the tools they have in there little tool boxes. So i guess my purpose wasn't for a strong community like ours, it was a way for our group to give a little back to ffxi. I know i'll probley get a flame or two for this post but o'l, i think too many ppl take this too personally in ffxi already, just shrug your shoulders and let it slide.

A note on harrasment, i was unaware that that had occured, there are display options available and i believe rank is one of them, also if your a sucessful NM camper and you buy the airship pass your gonna catch flak reguardless of weather or not you display this information, ppl are retarded and will always belittle ppl that have something they don't but they think they are entitled to. Really i've had the argument on rank and its role in game numerious times. Unfortanatly Rank is one of the few ways we can gauge a person in game with only the /sea command, i wish they had a more detailed way to dispaly information, but they don't. Frankly that person had no clue if it was someon's mule or not, and before they say well no one would lvl there mules, haha i've seen lvl 75 mules before. Well w/e

Ps. Sam the site looks great, i'll still float around and fix any errors if i see them, srry i couldn't be more active with this update, maybe next time.

also, i know gol has made detailed evaluations based on the registered members, its kinduv cool actual, based on jobs, it gives you what like the ls avg lvl is, what the avg lvl for each job is etc. maybe he can throw it up on his site, you should take a gander at it... well i thought it was cool ne ways LOL.


First of all, wow Gol nice zing.

For a little more input on what Gol was saying, the site has info for specific ppl, like what levels they have; which is good if you need a certain job at a certain level, you won't have to ask for a specific job while in game, if you really want to do something you should look for what is available from members BEFORE you just continuousely ask for help through LS chat in game. Then you can send a /tell to specific people for help.

This will help cut down the number of ppl that ask for help and no one can because they are already busy.

Also, if people are willing, you can look up what crafts are available if you would like something crafted for you. I know some people are hiding this information, like me, and there are many different reasons. Some, like me, don't have their crafts at the levels they want so they are not ready to craft for anything but leveling their crafts, others are too busy to drop all they are doing to make someone something. You should set up a specific date that the crafter has time to craft items for you.

P.S. This is not a ment to be a mean or sarcastic post. We have had some problems with that in the past.


I didn't see any "zing" in Gol's post. In fact, it's hard to say anyone can zing anyone else when they use things like "u" instead of "you".

Go and read Sam's reply. If you don't understand the real problems with LSCOM, come chat with us in IRC.

This wasn't Sam's decision, this was a decision based on the discussion of about 5-10 people in IRC. The discussion was over two weeks ago. You guys really don't seem to get the problems with LSCOM.





If "u" is an unacceptiable abbreviation for the word "you", Please don't abbrv. Linkshell Community LSCOM, it has about the same annoying tendancies.

abbrv. are so common place in video games.
U, R, L8er, H8, LOL LMAO, ROFFL, MP, HP, LS, /sea etc... so honestly what was the point of mentioning that?

Ok was a little wrong

I posted at the bottom of my post that it wasn't a sarcastic post, I was a little wrong, the part of the "zing" was kind of a rib on Gol. Also, I did not know about the issues that Sam brought up in his reply, I don't get on the IRC much. So I see Sam's point, but also it is the responsability of the players to have some maturity when they ask for things, as well not make fun of people that aren't as high a level as you, have low level crafts, or rank.

If you think someone is "stupid" or a "noob" you might want to think about how long they have been playing, they could know more than you about some job(s).

I have been playing for about 2 years, maybe more or less, I have no sence of time lately, and my highest job is 52 WHM, I know my job fairly well, not as well as some people.

I have a good understanding of how much HP Cures can give back for each level, as well as my limits on MP and MND. This mainly comes from getting crappy parties, and alot of dieing. Some people know I am hesitant about using the WHM's 2 hour, this is because out of all the times I have used it there is only like 4 times I have NOT died shortly after it, most of which are from Clan events.

Thought of some more

14. Get up and go to the bathroom
15. Stare at the clock and think about the fact that you only have an hr left of work
16. Watch your co-works play WOW.
17. Think about what to make for dinner.
18. Wonder if you'll remember to do laundry
19. Wonder How may people will responed to this?
20. watch clips on youtube and google
21. Screw with computer process from cmd.exe
22. Look through
23. Watch the g-man at
25. Wonder what happened to # 24
27. There is no 26.
28. Try to think of more things to add to the list.

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