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Submitted by dragonlance on Mon, 06/04/2007 - 17:54.

I know cyclonus talked about this and posted about it over 6 weeks ago, but I thought that I would bring it back


Operation desert Swarm

Double Dragonian


All of these are do-able by a somewhat balanced party ( Does NOT require BLM onry ) ( there are many many more ksnm's too )

I am interested in obtaining some of the ra/ex weps such as Dissector (sword) and Gondo-Shizunori (GK)
as well as some crafting materials ( Damascene cloth, Venomous Claw, Damascus Ingot ) for either money
oh eventually have made into armor.

These and other KSNM's only require 30 seals which are easy enough to farm in ToAU areas

If your interested please post and read up on any KSNM that you would like to do that is within reason of a balanced party winning.
( BLM or SMN onry strats dont count as a balanced party )

This will most likely not be a planned event to happen all the time as times online vary person to person.

In for a Penny, In for a Pound.

I'm interested in helping out. I already got the Heart Snatcher, so I don't know of anything else that would be of use to me yet. I'll do some research later. Outside of that gil sounds good to me.


People So far

Mai - nin
Cyc - blm
Tam - whm
Xil - rdm
Avayr - DD

pretty balanced if you ask me


So, when's the run?

I can help out, and can even

I can help out, and can even hold some non Ex drops to hand back to party when the runs are finished, but I will not be bringing an Orb nor do I want any of the loot.


Add me to the list.. again!

{Destroyers} {Yes please!}

Since my BLM-burn KSNM group asploded last friday, I'm looking for another place to try for my Destroyers :-)

FWIW, I will be out of town next week at a summit so if you want to do it then, I won't be able to join.

Vis Maior's Journeys

I'm down

Previously, we didn't have enough interest in these runs: see thread @ KSNMs, ISNMs and other crap

Any way, I think that a balanced party can take any of those KSNMs that you listed, other than CopyCat. The Mob in the battle spams charm, and it may make it a bit difficult to deal with (although, I suspect a BRD, with haste may be able to manage).

Any way, I'm down for any KSNMs, BCNMs, w/e. I'd rather use the 43 gazillion KSNMs I have - they are doing me no good in my mog house.

slightly off topic

You always make fun of my learning rate as blu, and yes it sucks, but I stick with it for this reason:

(comment on jobs for ODS)

"...Blue mage can absolutely destroy a scorp with little effort"

"These and other KSNM's only

"These and other KSNM's only require 30 seals which are easy enough to farm in ToAU areas."

Are you talking about sponsoring some merit-point parties to farm seals? If so I would be interested; or even just heading outside to skill-up on birds.


I am not suggesting on sponsoring some KS farming party, just making the statement that farming KS's is easy enough to do solo or in some sort of random skill up party.

Dissector, Yes please.

I would really like a Dissector so whenever you want to do that one I'm down. I only have RDM atm.

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