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Garrison 40-Cap Interest?
Submitted by sam on Tue, 11/07/2006 - 15:13.

Well, it's now been nearly a year since last Garrison event that I personally lead up, so I think it's high time to do one again. People have been wanting a higher capped Garrison, but since we are now a bit rusty, I'd suggest we don't go too high just yet.

Additionally, as we all know, the Mannequin Feet & Legs no longer sell like they used to, so there isn't as much of a financial motivation to do Garrison (not like there ever really was, 4+ hour Garrison events where you came away with 500k wasn't always the best way to earn money :-)

So I suggest we do some garrisons purely for the items that people may want. For example, in the Sanctuary of Zi'Tah Garrison there are a few items I'd personally really like. This is a 40-cap Garrison fighting Gobs (which is what we were already used to previously).

So, anyone else interested in a Garrison? Read on for more and to discuss where you'd like to go....

As I said, the Goblin Garrison at Sanctuary of Zi'Tah seems like a no-brainer to me. We already have a rock-solid strategy for the Dunes/Buburimu Garrisons with Gobs, it seems simple to extrapolate that to 40-cap gobs.

If you are interested, take a look at the drops in this listing of Garrisons, and then comment below on which Garrisons and drops you'd be interested in (please mention multiple Garrisons so we can get a reasonable number).

In the coming weeks, we will plan for a Garrison or two if enough people are interested.


I am interested in doing any of them that I can. These are a fun way for the clan to get together and kill gobs :)
I don't have a certain "Want" from then except for maybe the xp page.


Nelsh and I would both be interested in any Garrisons, Nelsh can only be involved on Sunday as she normally works on Saturday, but I would be available any weekend day we will look for updates.
Vervane and Nelsh

YAY! Garrison

I have been wondering if we were going to do these again. I would love to. I saw that The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah: drops a variable cloak. nice. I could always use the dragon chronicles as well. Sounds like fun! Cape Terrigan sounds like fun and excitment as well. CT drops: a mighty pole. That would be good as well. I am pretty open to give anything a try at least once. So whatever we choose is fine with me.

Well there may be an upcoming few days where I am limited to times: but not too limited. Just let me know a time/place/day :)

Im in!

I'd be interested

If I am able to play, I would be interested. Just let me know when/where.


Right now, we're aiming for a weekend. Unfortunately, we have to try and find a time that everyone can be on... which generally means later in the evening for us east coasters (maybe starting 6-7pm EST).

But I'm personally aiming for a Saturday so at least we can not have to worry about work the next day.

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Been waiting

I remember doing these all the time. Just set up a time and if im in the lvl I'll come.

Garrisons I'd like

While I honestly think we could do the 75-cap one (hey, it's just Goblins again, and we certainly have 12+ level 75s in the group) I'd still rather try the lower level ones first as that will maximize the amount of people who can participate...

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I'm in.

Let me know when/where. I hope not Saturdays cuz I do not always get a chance to play then. Sunday would be best. I can come as 75Drk, 61Sam(atm),75Smn, 46rng, 37thf/whm. Just let me know what you need. Btw, FFXII friggin rocks hardcore!!


Actually, Saturday works best for me... Personally, I can't commit to anything else on Sundays (other than my 2 statics) because I'm not always able to play.

How do Saturday evenings EST work for you? Or Friday evenings EST?

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