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please help
Submitted by ravennightwing on Sun, 10/08/2006 - 23:53.

I have 2 af peice left to grab and would appreciate some help on tues. night 10/10/06 at around 7pm est. the 2 peices left are the davoi coffer and key...and the helm in the tower in qufim. the one in the tower is a nasty nm weapon accompanied by 2 undead. anyone who would like to help ill be at davoi zone


this was a great success thanx to you all who came


Just a bit of info on what he's needing.

Davoi Coffer Key (and mobs that drop it)

Blade of Evil (Dark AF NMs)

For the coffers, honestly a few of the 70+ people in the group would be all you need. Several of us could probably trio them with you and our NPCs. If I'm on tuesday night at this time, I'll try to come out and help.

For the NMs, I have no idea what you'll need. I can't find the levels of these NMs, or any strategies for them. I'm sure it's out there, but of the two sites I've looked (ffxiclopedia and somepage) I can't find it.

Vis Maior's Journeys


I have done this fight. the mobs are lvl 65. I did it with a bunch of other people that needed it also. There is no limit to the amount of friends you can bring. But for this fight you will also need the pop item. "Vial of Quadav Mage Blood" which is kinda hard to get as the lvl of these mobs are 70ish and can sometimes be a bitch of a drop. I know a friend of mine spent 3 days straight trying to get it. I can probably help with the fight but I will not be on that early to help with the farming of keys and coffers. So if you need me just give me a yell sometime.

AF extrodinare
DRG AF needed soon (like in 3 lvls)

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