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Submitted by Golagres on Wed, 06/28/2006 - 05:01.

So I'm leveling cor(thanks to milo and DarkPheonix). Since my alchemy is high enough to field synth potions, i don't sub whm instead i decide to use brd. Everythings going fine till i get to lvl five and learn my first cor ability. Cor's roll. So i test it out to find that i can not use any of my brd spells after i use the roll. I test it to see if its one way or goes both ways. Sure enough it only does it after u try to cast it after using the cor's roll. So after asking milo where to go to file a complaint in hope of it getting reported. I end up getting it all set up so i can play the waiting game. When i started to make my report there were none before me. By the time i finish, I'm second in line. I figure that it wont take to long with me only being second. So i do some stuff out of game to kill some time. After 30mins go by i check my progress. There wasn't any in fact now I'm 2 of 3. With nothing else to do now, I log back into the game. I get about another lvl on cor and test the error some more. I'm right about it and go on leveling. I get a message from

Submitted by Tamara on Wed, 06/28/2006 - 03:50.

Bugard in the Clouds

He uses 'Invincible' and 'Hundred Fists' both, it says:

Anyway, it was a MOST entertaining evening! LOL!

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