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Submitted by Avatar76 on Tue, 08/29/2006 - 12:43.

Hello ClanAM, Got My egg and raising it... I bought my 1st egg instead of the Quest so If I mess this 1 up I can do the quested 1 whn I get a grip on it... I started off by Giving it to the NPC... 1st day was Just Gysahl Greens for affection... and a couple walks... Next Day I learned to make Veg. Paste... * Main Skill: Cooking (21 - Initiate)
o Crystal: Water
o Ingredients: Gysahl Greens x2, La Theine Millet, Lizard Egg, Distilled Water
o Result: Vegetable Paste x2
o HQ #1: Vegetable Paste x4
o HQ #2: Vegetable Paste x6
o HQ #3: Vegetable Paste x8

Submitted by Milotheshort on Tue, 08/15/2006 - 17:56.

haha i've been getting a number of tells in game. "Milo why aren't you in the ls ne more?" "Where did you go?" etc. let me clear up a few things, i didn't quit clanam, i still wish to help out with clan events and what not, just give me a buzz, just for the past few months i've been helping out a really good in-game friend of mine manage his ls. Its a highly social ls, with lots of lowbies etc. So i go where my talents are needed ^^. I'll be back in when malk is back in game probly, but do feel free to contact me if you think there is something i can help with.


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